All prices denominated in USD.


Base ($360): Includes up to 6 hours of labor towards

  • Installation of your WordPress site
  • Content entry
  • Plugin/Theme research and installation
  • Graphics design

Hosting ($10/month & up): Host your site with us for a hands-free solution and superior customer service.

Domains ($20/year & up): Domains available in over 50 tld’s including com, biz, org, info and more. Register multiple domains for maximum impact!


Email ($10/month & up): What does your email address say about you? Unless it looks like YourName@YourOrganization.tld, it may not be saying what you’d like.

Narration ($0.10/word): Too busy to provide the exact verbiage for your site? Not to worry, our writers can do the job for you based on a brief interview.


A deposit of 100% of the estimated total price is required to begin work on your project.

Hosting charges commence once site becomes active with all or part of initially supplied content information.

Managed domains automatically renewed up to 60 days before expiration unless client specifies otherwise.

Services subject to recurring charges may be cancelled anytime prior to billing.

Hosting charges may be adjusted based on traffic. Client receives at least 30 days notice before any rate increases become effective.

Invoices due upon receipt.